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My Family, My Niche

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When I started thinking about starting a blog, a million thoughts invaded my brain.

  • What would I post about?
  • Who would read it?
  • Am I *really* that interesting?
  • How does one even write a successful blog?
  • What is a successful blog anyway?
  • Do I even have time for that anyway?

You get the drift, it just goes on from there. So in an attempt to answer my own questions, I turned to Google and simply searched “how to start your first successful blog”  and was bombarded with information. From the huge number of pages, blogs, and articles about it, I can tell I’m not the first (or last)  person that sought the same answers. Thank goodness you can’t see my browser history, its embarrassing how much I read.  One thing kept coming up within all of the pages; to start a successful blog I had to find a specific niche. Something I know a lot about. That I can speak confidently, freely, and intelligently about. Something that I enjoy.

“That should be easy!” I thought.

So I sat down to make a list of things I’m particularly good at or know a lot about…

wait for it…

Nothing. My list had nothing on it. I spent hours thinking about it, talking to Hubby, trying to come up with ONE thing I was good at. Could that be though? Could I really not know enough about *one* thing to start a (successful) blog?  That’s when it hit me. I may not know a lot about one thing, but I know a little bit about a lot of things. I know my way around the kitchen well enough to feed my family, and I enjoy trying new recipes. I’m fairly crafty, or at least pretend to be. I like to fix things myself, and if I don’t know how I’ll figure it out. I like to try new things, go new places, re-purpose items some would find as garbage. Stretch our dollar so life doesn’t become just about working. Keeping schedules figured out, how to best utilize our time, sneaking learning moments into fun activities. All of this while making time for not only Sissy and Buddy, but Hubby, and hopefully myself.  It’s a balancing act that is ever-changing, as I’m sure this will be too.
PicMonkey Collageall

That’s how this blog was born. I suppose my niche as well, a place for me to share everything that helps us babystep through life.


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  1. Good start. You have a lot of great talent.


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